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Category: being a daring baker

Et si on faisait semblant d’être amoureux- Petits choux au chocolat au lait

[Wouldn’t it be nice if we pretended to be in love – Small milk chocolate choux puffs]

I checked on the daring bakers’ recipe quite late this month, thinking I would have to miss out on this one (yet again) given how tired I felt.

However, things turn out to be a little different. Far from what I expected them to be. As I opened the forum thread, I was thrilled by Meeta’s pick.

But I mean, who wouldn’t […]

The nicest thing – Gâteau aux amandes et aux framboises garni de crème pralinée

almond-raspberry-and-cream-cake[Raspberry, almond and cream layer cake]

I wish I’d come here today to tell you about how super excited I felt when I found out about Chris‘ pick for July’s daring bakers challenge. But things happened to be a little different.

It’s not that I didn’t like it. It’s just, that, well, there is so much more than buttercream-layered-cakes out there. Hence, this challenge initially felt a little frustrating […]

Et je te mangerais les cheveux – Tresse danoise à la crème pâtissière et aux pépites de chocolat

[And I would eat your hair – Chocolate chip and vanilla pastry cream danish braid]

When I found out about what Kelly and Ben wanted us to make for June’s daring bakers challenge, I was thrilled.

Danish braid.

Read, layers of sweet buttery dough enclosing whatever filling you can dream about. And shaped into a lovely-looking braid […]

We represent the lollipop guild – Vanilla cheesecake lollipops

cheesecake-lollipop-large.jpg… and in the name of the lollipop guild, we welcome you to munchkinland daringbakersland.

It’s not a secret to anyone. I could kill for cheesecake. Great cheesecake, that is.
Quite evidently, I was thrilled when I found out about this month’s daring bakers challenge. Cheesecake. Lollipops.

Those are basically two of my favourite things ever. Combined. I mean, the branding for my name even features lollipops.
My warmest thanks go to Deborah and Elle for this great pick […]

Strawberry fields forever – Perfect party cake à la vanille et aux fraises

perfect-party-cake-side.jpg This is all quite a surprise to me. I originally thought I would have to skip this month’s daring bakers challenge – again – because of my so-not-working internet connection. But what first appeared to be a never-ending story did find an end yesterday, as a France Telecom monsieur dropped by without warning and fixed my ligne télephonique.

I did certainly gave him one of the little perfect party cakes I had made earlier that day; how handy it is to be a daring baker […]