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Category: menu for hope

Announcing Menu for Hope winners

This year, Menu for Hope raised a whooping $91,188; how fantastic is that? Thank you so much everyone. You who offered prizes, you who promoted Menu for Hope and you who bid on the prizes. If you are one of the lucky winners, click on the prize code to go to the blog hosting your […]

Let’s make it to a 100,000$

Can you believe that Menu for Hope already raised 86,451$? And there still is plenty of time for you to pick a prize or more, and bid on it. I mean, for just 10$ you can win the prize of your dreams. 1. Check all the prizes – or from Europe only 2. Discover the […]

Constructing your perfect cake

You should know me by now. I can’t not bake. It gets me physically-and-emotionally-damaged. Yes, it’s that bad. I need to bake. Really, I need it. However, I do understand that some people consider baking and pastry as difficult and time-consuming. Here is the thing: I’m addicted to baking and you desperately need some help/step-by-step […]


Hope to see that 5+ number on my screen tomorrow morning when I wake up! It’s you that makes it all. Pick a prize or more that you like; and trust me, there are many many prizes. Buy raffle tickets. And make lots of people happy. ps. If you didn’t get it. I mean that […]

Menu for Hope – My favourites

Playing favourites is one of my favourite game ever. Vanilla or chocolate? Jiann or Alistair? Puppy dogs or cats? Same applies to Menu for Hope. While I should try to be as fair as possible, I couldn’t help but pick some favourites. And if I love them, I think you will love them too. So […]