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Category: menu for hope

Menu for Hope – Things are getting serious

Ok guys, see who the Sleeping Beauty is? Well, forget that. It’s me. Really. I am the Sleeping Beauty, and pretty much spent this past week in my bed. Unable to move or eat. Being ill clearly rocks. When I finally woke up I found out that Menu for Hope has now received over 40,000$. […]


Menu for Hope – Words to devour

If you didn’t already know that Sam of Becks and Posh is my hero, well, now you can’t not notice. She is. Last year, as a Menu for Hope host, she wrote amazing posts everyday. I remember one that didn’t say anything about the prizes, but would instead show colourful and attractive words on which […]

J’aime les sablés de chez Pierre Hermé, les bébés chèvres & many other things

Judging from the number of emails I receive on a daily basis, you guys, are all about wanting to know how a French girl like me lives like. Well, one of the most important thing you should know is that I love: earmuffs, baby goats and Pierre Hermé’s sablés. Today, I’m offering you the opportunity […]

Menu For Hope IV

You might wonder what I have been up to the last few weeks. Well, I have to admit no cooking or baking was involved. Menu for Hope they call it. It’s that time of year again, when food bloggers from all over the world join together, taking leave from our usual frivolity. Throughout the year, […]