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Category: the insane blogger she is (nablopomo)

Et j’ai rencontré une fille en forme de fée – Cookies au chocolat et aux maltesers

[I’ve met a fairy-like girl – Chocolate malted whooper drops] Sometimes, our lives get so busy that we forget about how beautiful it is to live; and we can’t even see the lovely things that surround us. Call it the side effect of our super-exciting way-of-life full of crazy experiments and adventures; I just think […]

Elle découpait tout plein de formes avec ses ciseaux de couture – Petits carrés de gianduja aux trois chocolats

[She was cutting shapes with her couture scissors – Three chocolates gianduja bites] If you’re anything like me, you love chocolate. You also love to make chocolates. But knowing how your kitchen, clothes and state of mind will be at the end of the process, you put that chocolate thermometer back in the cupboard and […]

Fanny is baking eight days a week

Most of my friends spend their weekends partying at night and sleeping during the day. This doesn’t seem to be valid for me though. While I do party with them, I love to wake up early, grab my bike, go to the farmers market, rush back to my apartment and bake like crazy until it’s […]

La pluie elle aime ça – Billes de noix de coco

[She likes rain – Coconut balls] It’s November 2. I’m behind the window, watching the rain that pours on my grandparents beautiful garden. Every drop that reaches the earth, bounces on the perfectly-red leaves, making a loud noise. Rain makes me happy. I know I could be playing outdoor, but right now, nothing feels as […]

The ballad of an easy rider – Petits pains aux échalottes et au persil

bread.jpg As you might have not guessed from yesterday non-post, I’m not ill anymore.

I did spend most of the day sleeping, but the evening was put to use for some beaujolais nouveau celebration.
And what’s better with some really bad wine that some equally good bread.

I used my favourite bread recipe, which I tweaked in order to get some soft and flavourful small breads […]