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Category: cheese

Mais où est ma lucky star – Cake au miel, romarin et gorgonzola

[Where is my lucky-star – Honey, rosemary and gorgonzola loaf cake] Before I start I should warn you. When I’m sick, I love to complain. And well, as my body temperature has now reached 39.7°C, I guess I wouldn’t be wrong if I said I am indeed ill. For the third time in less than […]

Feeding an addiction, a tart at a time – Apple, vanilla and goat’s cheese crostata

There must be something wrong about me people. I mean, something really wrong. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I love to spend days making the finest entremets. That’s not a problem though. However, what’s concerning is the fact that I also find pleasure in combining a couple of ingredients to produce flavourful […]

A world in which the Red Sox players could bake the most delicious brownies – Totally coco crispy ricotta and brownies torte

It all starts with a failure. I am there, standing in the kitchen. My mouth is full of chocolate, my left arm dusted with flour and the fork I am holding is still carrying a bitten piece of oozing chocolate cake. Oh and before I forget: I also have a gorgeous dark-brown stroke left by […]

Aaah si je savais faire… – Gougères au piment de Cayenne et au parmesan

[Aaah if I only knew how to make… – Cayenne pepper and parmesan cheese puffs] Honestly, I don’t know many cooks who don’t mind when they fail in the kitchen. But somehow, I think that every single person has une bête noire – something they don’t succeed in every time when cooking. Well, I might […]