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Category: dark chocolate

Dreams, not as daft as they seem – Banana cream pie

To me, the last hours of a year are always filled with expectations, excitement, and dreams. As a matter of fact, I have been dreaming a lot lately. Possibly because my 9am/11pm day life is quite very busy with mise en place, desserts à l’assiette, afternoon teas, foams, and many more exciting things. Thus, at […]

Le concorde, un entremet tout chocolat – Aller simple pour Londres

[Concorde, an all-chocolate entremet – A one-way ticket to London] Strangely enough, the past couple of days have – unlike the thousands that came before – felt soothing. Almost like a slow motion picture. In fact, this has sort of become a common fact. Every day spent in Entrevaux – a small village surrounded by […]

Tellement simple, mais terriblement bon – Le fondant au chocolat

[So easy, yet terribly good – The ultimate chocolate fondant cake]

Apparently, I told you I was going to come back with something glamourous. Pardon me if I’m mistaken, but in my world, a light cake topped with a delicate mousse feels glamourous.

A fondant au chocolat just doesn’t. It’s plain. It’s dark. And it’s damn good.

So good in fact, I had to write about it right away. Just a couple of hours after I hade made it, as a matter of fact.
If this doesn’t convince you to rush to your kitchen and make this fondant, please do listen carefully.

I made a cake. Took pictures. And blogged about it. In less than twenty-four hours […]

Pâtisserie Lac, part two – She who disclosed her secret, and ate chocolate and nuts and dried fruits in the shape of a Christmas tree

I realise I said the next pâtisserie Lac update would be about how I almost took part to a pastry challenge. To make one long story short, I had made an interesting entremet hazelnut dacquoise, cream cheese mousse, pumpkin crème brulée, and roast-slash-confits pumpkin dices – in the aim to submit it to a panel of experienced pâtissiers. But, after a couple of month without hearing from the school, I was called and said I’d start the classes on the exact same week the challenge was hold; read, with less than twenty-four hours of notice.
Not the right time, but definitely the right entremet. That’s why I so intended to share it with you. Sadly, it got eaten quickly and I haven’t found the time to re-make it yet. Soon (as usual).

Christmas randomness and a pâtisserie sneak peek ahead!

Les éclats de nuages tintinabuleraient – Cake fondant ultra-chocolaté

[Cloud slivers would tinkle – Most chocolatey melt-in-your mouth loaf cake]

I didn’t really intend to share this loaf cake with you this soon.

But as I was driving back from the pâtisserie, and rain drops started to hit my car window – in what I refer to as the most comforting sound ever – I knew I had to tell you how fabulous and perfect this chocolate cake is […]