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Category: milk chocolate

Le vingt-deux – Quand bûche de Noël rime avec FAIL

[The twenty-second – When Christmas log rhymes with FAIL]

Le neuf – Des cookies au chocolat et aux pretzels dans un pot

[The ninth – Chocolate and pretzels cookies in a jar]

Paralyse me, with your kiss – Tarte aux cacahuètes, caramel et chocolat au lait

[Caramel and milk chocolate peanut tarts] If you’re anything like me, you might have already experienced that subtle feeling of awkwardness which precedes the very first kiss you’re about to give to this new someone you quite like. And quite obviously, you can never forget the right-after-feeling as well. Exciting. Electrifying. Paralysing. I must confess […]

Et si on faisait semblant d’être amoureux- Petits choux au chocolat au lait

[Wouldn’t it be nice if we pretended to be in love – Small milk chocolate choux puffs]

I checked on the daring bakers’ recipe quite late this month, thinking I would have to miss out on this one (yet again) given how tired I felt.

However, things turn out to be a little different. Far from what I expected them to be. As I opened the forum thread, I was thrilled by Meeta’s pick.

But I mean, who wouldn’t […]

We represent the lollipop guild – Vanilla cheesecake lollipops

cheesecake-lollipop-large.jpg… and in the name of the lollipop guild, we welcome you to munchkinland daringbakersland.

It’s not a secret to anyone. I could kill for cheesecake. Great cheesecake, that is.
Quite evidently, I was thrilled when I found out about this month’s daring bakers challenge. Cheesecake. Lollipops.

Those are basically two of my favourite things ever. Combined. I mean, the branding for my name even features lollipops.
My warmest thanks go to Deborah and Elle for this great pick […]