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Category: milk chocolate

On happiness, CAP pâtissier and a tart – Tarte chocolat au lait et fruit de la passion, ananas rôti

tart-passion-fruit-chocolate-pineapple-front.jpgThis past Monday. Yesterday, in fact. I made a choice. One of the most critical choices I’ve ever been confronted to. The kind of choices that leaves you in an uncanny state of uncertainty; but definitely one that makes you happy, one that you can’t help but think about – days and nights and every second in between -, one that comes with a CAP (Certificat d’Aptitude Professionelle) pâtissier, chocolatier et glacier.

The tart. What can I say? An insanely delicious passion fruit ganache encased in a crisp pâte sucrée shell and topped with syrupy pineapple dices […]

Je n’ai jamais mangé de pyjama aussi doux que le tien – Cheesecake très vanille

[I never ate sweeter pyjamas than yours – Very vanilla cheesecake] Saturday. 8am. The soft noise of the raindrops hitting the window gently wakes me up, making me more and more aware of the pressure of the thick duvet cover (love*love that word so much; reminds me of someone special who taught it to me) […]

Une maison Christmas-like, un peu comme si Pierre Hermé était le père Noël – Bûche Plaisirs Sucrés

[A Christmas-like house, a bit like if Pierre Hermé was Santa Claus – Plaisirs Sucrés Christmas log] That time of the year – yes, the one that brings peace and happiness has come around again. And while Christmas and all its festiveness is already behind us, I can’t help but share with you the lovely […]