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Category: chocolate

Love is to share, mine is for you – Moelleux au chocolat blanc et au miel, abricots fondants et glace à la pistache

[White chocolate and honey sponge with poached apricots and pistachio ice-cream] In my world, nothing matches the happiness of being in love. As a matter of fact, I love being in love. The goosebumps, the thrill, the excitement. Nothing. Except, perhaps, the development process of a new pâtisserie. It starts with an idea, jotted down […]

Un clapotement sur la vitre du rêve – Brownies fondants au cacao

[A spalsh on the window of dreams – Fudgy cocoa brownies] Those brownies saved me from the many damages of sleepless nights. You see, I’m that kind of people who wakes up in one go – 4am, 8 am, or 11am… it feels the same to me. And once that I’m awake, it will take […]

L’espace d’un moment – Une semaine de printemps

[Spur of the moment – A spring week] J’aime: fudge-like cocoa brownies, pretty fabrics, roast pumpkin soup with lots of chili pepper, blooming flowers, perfect macarons, finding the perfect shop for kitchen tools, bright pink rhubarb, sharing a cheap Chinese take-away with Guillaume, polaroid pictures, waking up early, and dark chocolate with maldon sea salt. […]

The notebooks – Treacle tart et oranges sanguines à la grenadine

[Treacle tart and grenadine-marinated blood oranges] It would probably be an understatement to say that I am messy. For years, my absolutely organised mum fought with me, not understanding why I had to keep pretty much all of my belongings on my desk, or at worst, around my bed. For years, I did not understand […]

Dreams, not as daft as they seem – Banana cream pie

To me, the last hours of a year are always filled with expectations, excitement, and dreams. As a matter of fact, I have been dreaming a lot lately. Possibly because my 9am/11pm day life is quite very busy with mise en place, desserts à l’assiette, afternoon teas, foams, and many more exciting things. Thus, at […]