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Category: cinnamon

Comme des miettes d’étoiles filantes – Petits gâteaux aux cranberries

[Like shooting-star crumbs – Small cranberry cakes] Sometimes, things can’t wait. Not for a week, a day, an hour, a second, or even a minute. Things like… SNOW. In fact, ever since I spotted the first snowflakes almost five hours ago, I’ve seemed to have a canon 400D glued to my right hand. And damn, […]

SHF, so horribly fluffy – S’more cupcakes

I came across S’mores quite late in life. A Michael Recchiuti book. A tiny note at the bottom of a page.


A piece of chocolate and a marshmallow, sandwiched together in crisp graham crackers. After a quick moment in the oven, the chocolate and marshmallow melt into each others, making for the most delicious sweet sandwich ever.

Un petit papier et des muffins – Jamie Oliver’s butternut squash muffins with a frosty top

[On a small paper bit and muffins] I don’t know about you, but in my book, nothing’s worse than Monday mornings. Wait. There is: autumn Monday mornings. I mean, how would you expect me to be happy on a cold rainy morning, while we all know how I spent my weekend. It’s crazy how hard […]

It looks like an early winter for the daring bakers – Ultimate cinnamon buns

cinnamon-bun-large.png Cinnamon buns are an autumn favourite in my house. Come by, around the end of September, and a wonderfully rich cinnamon aroma will invariably hit you.

A lovely family tradition, kept alive by my sister’s unconditional love for cinnamon buns.

On my side, the least I can say, is that I’m definitely not fighting against this ritual. Honestly, cinnamon buns are the perfect treat to warm up a cold autumn day; spicy, sweet and deliciously buttery […]