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Category: herbs

Comme si tu m’aimais plus qu’un gâteau au chocolat – Choux croustimoelleux au fromage blanc et à la ciboulette

[Like you loved me more than chocolate cake – Fromage blanc and chives crispysoft choux buns] Believe it or not, but I’ve made pâte à choux twice in the past couple of days; and nope, no flat little choux buns were involved. This might not sound special; but trust me – if you’re unaware of […]

The ballad of an easy rider – Petits pains aux échalottes et au persil

bread.jpg As you might have not guessed from yesterday non-post, I’m not ill anymore.

I did spend most of the day sleeping, but the evening was put to use for some beaujolais nouveau celebration.
And what’s better with some really bad wine that some equally good bread.

I used my favourite bread recipe, which I tweaked in order to get some soft and flavourful small breads […]

Mais où est ma lucky star – Cake au miel, romarin et gorgonzola

[Where is my lucky-star – Honey, rosemary and gorgonzola loaf cake] Before I start I should warn you. When I’m sick, I love to complain. And well, as my body temperature has now reached 39.7°C, I guess I wouldn’t be wrong if I said I am indeed ill. For the third time in less than […]

The (sweet) garlic-y escape – Petits pains à l’ail et au persil

[Garlic and parsley small breads] Inspired by Anne and adaptated from The Cook’s Book (p.458) Well, I know I said I would update foodbeam more often but it seems I’m so busy at the moment that I barely have time to eat; thus you can imagine how much time I spend cooking – definitely not […]