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Category: nuts

Paralyse me, with your kiss – Tarte aux cacahuètes, caramel et chocolat au lait

[Caramel and milk chocolate peanut tarts] If you’re anything like me, you might have already experienced that subtle feeling of awkwardness which precedes the very first kiss you’re about to give to this new someone you quite like. And quite obviously, you can never forget the right-after-feeling as well. Exciting. Electrifying. Paralysing. I must confess […]

Pâtisserie Lac, part three – She who got ready for her exam… by making a tarte bourdaloue

Do you remember that time when cream pies were being thrown at foodbeam? Well, this would be so very appropriate. Again. The thing is that, aside from the long overdue bûches de Noël manifesto and the launch of la moustache, I’ve made a promise to Tony. A promise about something very exciting. A taste of […]

Pâtisserie Lac, part two – She who disclosed her secret, and ate chocolate and nuts and dried fruits in the shape of a Christmas tree

I realise I said the next pâtisserie Lac update would be about how I almost took part to a pastry challenge. To make one long story short, I had made an interesting entremet hazelnut dacquoise, cream cheese mousse, pumpkin crème brulée, and roast-slash-confits pumpkin dices – in the aim to submit it to a panel of experienced pâtissiers. But, after a couple of month without hearing from the school, I was called and said I’d start the classes on the exact same week the challenge was hold; read, with less than twenty-four hours of notice.
Not the right time, but definitely the right entremet. That’s why I so intended to share it with you. Sadly, it got eaten quickly and I haven’t found the time to re-make it yet. Soon (as usual).

Christmas randomness and a pâtisserie sneak peek ahead!

Réussir le Christmas cake, pas à pas – Mastering Christmas cake, step by step

With every year that fades, comes Christmas cake. Boozy and dense. Covered with bright-white fondant. Light and citrusy. Packed with almonds, both whole and ground. Topped with glacé fruits.

This is how we love Christmas cake around here.

No, we’re not going insane. We just like how versatile it can be over the years. Never the same, yet not entirely different either.

This year, I’ve decided to combine our favourites from the past to create a unique and delicate cake. Most definitely number one of the Christmas cake hall of fame.
Picture plump and fragrant dried and glacé fruits, and whole almonds, held together in the shape of a cake thanks to a rich and moist batter.

Recipe: Christmas cake (step by step).

SHF, so highly frisky – Cupcakes à la noix de coco fraiche et à la ricotta

[Fresh coconut cupcakes with ricotta frosting]

It all started with the crazy cool idea of making my own coconut extract. Something I had been dreaming about for years without thinking I would actually one day get rid of the horrid fake-tasting stuff my cupboard is full of (I tend to stock it every time I visit Jane Asher’s shop because it tends to disappear quite quickly).

Now it’s done. Delicious coconut extract, which also happens to make delicious vodka shots […]