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Category: apples and pears

Shut your eyes – Terrine de pommes caramelisées et streusel à la cannelle

Dreams are tough. High maintenance. You see after a short five-day week of work, my pile of laundry threatens to swallow my bedroom, the hair pompom I not-so carefully tie has become a knot that now has a life on its own refusing to cooperate; my bed gets shared with a Polaroid camera, the latest […]

Time to forgive the winter – Apple, cinnamon and walnut strudel

I believe in traditions. Mostly, when the air starts to get crisp and the sunsets early. We have breakfast for dinner. We take pictures out of the doors. We continue knitting a scarf, which was first started a couple of years ago. We roast pumpkins. We have hot chocolate on the patio, cosily wrapped in […]

I’m moving past the feeling – On brownies 2.0 and autumnal desserts

It seems we made brownies. Yes those brownies. In between sleeping on the beach, sipping through Pastis glasses, finding a name for the small pâtisserie I will own – one day – in France, buying heaps of vintage things at a vide-grenier, and spending time with my favourite person in the world – namely, my […]

Pâtisserie Lac, part three – She who got ready for her exam… by making a tarte bourdaloue

Do you remember that time when cream pies were being thrown at foodbeam? Well, this would be so very appropriate. Again. The thing is that, aside from the long overdue bûches de Noël manifesto and the launch of la moustache, I’ve made a promise to Tony. A promise about something very exciting. A taste of […]

Presque comme la tarte aux pommes de mon enfance – Tarte aux pommes rapées, au miel et au poivre noir

[Almost like my childhood’s tart – Black pepper, honey and apple tart] My dad makes the finest apple tart ever. I mean, he truly does. The crust is thin and crisp. Although, he uses store-bough rolled shortcrust pastry, he gets it paper-thin by making good use of his favourite wooden rolling pin. The apples are […]