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Category: bananas

Le vingt-deux – Quand bûche de Noël rime avec FAIL

[The twenty-second – When Christmas log rhymes with FAIL]

You’re my favourite flavour – Culinary obsessions

When it comes to food (and many other matters: hello knitting, long bike rides, and papermater felt-tip pens collection), I’m a terribly boring person. I can eat the same thing everyday: breakfast, lunch and dinner; and still feel happy about what I eat. Obviously, those things will change every now and then. This habit must […]

Dreams, not as daft as they seem – Banana cream pie

To me, the last hours of a year are always filled with expectations, excitement, and dreams. As a matter of fact, I have been dreaming a lot lately. Possibly because my 9am/11pm day life is quite very busy with mise en place, desserts à l’assiette, afternoon teas, foams, and many more exciting things. Thus, at […]

Ouh la menteuse, elle est amoureuse – Granola aux noix de pécan, sirop d’érable et banane

[Oh the lier, she has a lover* – Pecan, maple syrup and banana chips granola] Do you remember when, a couple of days ago, I told you that 1) I had no recipe to share, and 2) Jamie’s chicken is the base of our food diet? (I made sure to quote the two facts above […]

On aura qu’à se cacher sous les draps – Brownies-like cookies en ice cream sandwich au chocolat et à la banane

[We could just hide under the bed covers – Brownies-like cookies and banana ice cream sandwiches] Quite unexpectedly, summer showed up; with its glorious harvest, hot breezes and refreshing drinks. Quite unexpectedly, I hadn’t noticed how time flew by. These past months; this past year. It seems that since I came back from New Zealand, […]