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Category: berries

A pastry stall and other stories

Sometimes, it all gets down the simplest things. A few words exchanged with a new friend, an idea that as has been kept asleep for too long, a birthday cake assembled and eaten. And suddenly, it makes sense. I have decided to launch my own business. Possibly a small pastry stall. Possibly at Borough Market. […]

Comme un lait fraise – Cheesecake à la vanille at aux fraises

[Like a strawberry milk – Vanilla cheesecake with strawberries] As a child, I thought my dad was the coolest person to hang out with. And since he was – and still is – a work at home dad, I did get to spend a lot of time with him. He would take me to his […]

Comme des miettes d’étoiles filantes – Petits gâteaux aux cranberries

[Like shooting-star crumbs – Small cranberry cakes] Sometimes, things can’t wait. Not for a week, a day, an hour, a second, or even a minute. Things like… SNOW. In fact, ever since I spotted the first snowflakes almost five hours ago, I’ve seemed to have a canon 400D glued to my right hand. And damn, […]

Deliciously imperfect moments – Charlotte aux framboises et au fromage blanc

charlotte framboisesWhenever I’m stuck in a kitchen, where all I have on hands are a couple of Pyrex bowls, a hand-held mixer, and an oven; well, I must admit I feel a bit lost.

Now, this might be a common statement, but I haven’t spent much time in a home kitchen – let alone made pastries in a home kitchen – for the past eleven months.

It’s not that I don’t like pâtisserie anymore.

In fact, I’ve never been so smitten with it as I am right now. It’s just that I get to have my daily fix every day, at the pâtisserie Lac […]

Recipe: Raspberry and fromage blanc charlotte.

Un rêve d’été – Mousse au fromage blanc, compotée de fruits rouges sur biscuit dacquois aux amandes

[A summer dream – Fromage blanc mousse, summer berries jelly on an almond dacquois] I’m – almost, if you don’t count the past two weeks that seemed to be lived on a post-holiday cloud – just back from Corsica. The few days I spent there definitely set my mood for summer with a light sundrenched […]