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Category: citrus

Tu me manques – Calissons maison comme des vrais

calissons.jpgLet me tell you something guys. You are so sweet. I mean, I don’t post for a few days and instead of the hatred words I was expecting, all I get are sweet notes and emails. One of you even sent the comforting recipe for his favourite cookies – thank you Chris.

You – or more exactly some of you – are obviously concerned; and well, you’re just damn right. I first did not intend to share the following story with you; it just felt a little too personal. But since my closest friends know – and more importantly, since I consider you as friends; special friends that is, but friends nonetheless –, I thought I would let you know.

Recipe: Calissons

Des petits nids dans les citronniers – Lemon meringue tartlets

lemon-tart.jpg [Lemon trees nests]

A few years ago, when my mum went to the pâtisserie on Sundays to get us dessert, I would invariably ask for lemon meringue tart with the exciting promise of a smooth and tangy treat in mind. Apparently, the flavour of those Sunday tarts always seemed to be nowhere close to my dream.
There is no such thing as bad lemon meringue tarts. Damp crust. Eggy filling, nonetheless flavourless. Tooth-aching meringue.

I’ve been pretending to hate lemon meringue tart ever since. But well, a couple of months ago, as my sister begged me to make her favourite dessert, I couldn’t help but change my mind. The lemon meringue tart I had made was simply perfect. And to be honest, I had the inner feeling that it was matchless […]

Un petit papier et des muffins – Jamie Oliver’s butternut squash muffins with a frosty top

[On a small paper bit and muffins] I don’t know about you, but in my book, nothing’s worse than Monday mornings. Wait. There is: autumn Monday mornings. I mean, how would you expect me to be happy on a cold rainy morning, while we all know how I spent my weekend. It’s crazy how hard […]

Kaa, c’est moi – Artichauts confits au citron et à l’ail

[I’m Kaa – Braised artichokes with lemon and garlic] Trust in me, just in me Shut your eyes and trust in me You can sleep safe and sound Knowing I am around Slip into silent slumber Sail on a silver mist Slowly and surely your senses Will cease to resist Trust in me, just in […]

Fanny, ta tarte au citron meringuée est sublime, s’exclama Aïda – Meilleure tarte au citron meringuée du monde entier

[Fanny, your lemon meringue tart is sublime, Aïda said – Best lemon meringue tart in the entire world] No need to be from France to know that, here, people rave about la tarte au citron meringuée. A sweet and crisp crust covered with the most luscious and so pleasantly tangy lemon cream, which is topped […]