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Category: rhubarb

Le sept – Un voyage dans le temps avec les annual awards of excellence

[The seventh – Time travel with the annual awards of excellence]

Maintenant ou jamais – Mousse à la vanille et rhubarbe pochée à la grenadine

[Now or never – Vanilla mousse and grenadine-poached rhubarb] I was in love with someone. Or, as I recently realised after some happy times we spent together again, I was just loving some parts of this someone. Very much. In fact, I was so smitten with the idea of him, that I would live in […]

L’espace d’un moment – Un rêve éphémère

[Spur of the moment – An ephemeral dream] I am home – or more accurately I have been home for a week or so – forced to stay here. Sometimes, nature compels us to slow down, perhaps for the right reasons. Spending time here – just doing simple things – especially after the impulsive decision […]