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Category: stone fruits

Love is to share, mine is for you – Moelleux au chocolat blanc et au miel, abricots fondants et glace à la pistache

[White chocolate and honey sponge with poached apricots and pistachio ice-cream] In my world, nothing matches the happiness of being in love. As a matter of fact, I love being in love. The goosebumps, the thrill, the excitement. Nothing. Except, perhaps, the development process of a new pâtisserie. It starts with an idea, jotted down […]

L’espace d’un moment – A party

One prune tart please!, calls the voice through the interphone. Run to the downstairs kitchen. Tell Elliot – the pastry commis – to put a prune tart into the oven. Grab a large rectangle plate. Pipe a thin line of wine reduction. Drain a prune marinated in spiced wine. Place it on the plate. Take […]

Réussir le Christmas cake, pas à pas – Mastering Christmas cake, step by step

With every year that fades, comes Christmas cake. Boozy and dense. Covered with bright-white fondant. Light and citrusy. Packed with almonds, both whole and ground. Topped with glacé fruits.

This is how we love Christmas cake around here.

No, we’re not going insane. We just like how versatile it can be over the years. Never the same, yet not entirely different either.

This year, I’ve decided to combine our favourites from the past to create a unique and delicate cake. Most definitely number one of the Christmas cake hall of fame.
Picture plump and fragrant dried and glacé fruits, and whole almonds, held together in the shape of a cake thanks to a rich and moist batter.

Recipe: Christmas cake (step by step).

Le songe d’une nuit d’été – Que faire avec des griottes?

[A midsummer night’s dream – What to do with sour cherries?]

For the first time in many months, it’s been sunny for more than two days in a row. And when I say sunny it’s a definite understatement – it’s actually been damn hot, like ice-cream hot (more about ice-cream to come later this week) […]

Do you have any great recipe using sour cherries that you’d like to share?

Hoping for happy accidents – Le clafoutis de ma grand-mère

[Hoping for happy accidents – My grand-mother’s clafoutis] It all happens on purpose. A few months ago, I came across a couple of old notebooks. Notebooks I once valued as precious. Notebooks I wouldn’t go anywhere without. Notebooks I recorded my food-related ideas into. Notebooks that I thought would turn into a book. Then, I […]