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Category: roots and tubers

Le seize – Des betteraves et un gâteau

[The sixteenth – Beets and a cake]

Lundi. Des patates – Pain moelleux aux pommes de terre

potato-bread-31.jpg [Potatoes on Monday* – Tender potato bread]

Ever since those two weeks, which I restlessly spent mostly mixing flour, butter and yeast or shaping croissants and brioches, I’ve been a bread-making addict.
It seems to have that double-effect-factor. The act of making the dough come together in a nice smooth ball certainly is relaxing, but the greatest part is the facial expressions of both my parents and sister when they bite into a warm slice of freshly baked homemade bread. And trust me, this is just priceless, and makes you forget that a couple of hours before your hands were stuck in a sticky mess […]

Recipe: Potato bread