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Category: spring

Comme si tu m’aimais plus qu’un gâteau au chocolat – Choux croustimoelleux au fromage blanc et à la ciboulette

[Like you loved me more than chocolate cake – Fromage blanc and chives crispysoft choux buns] Believe it or not, but I’ve made pâte à choux twice in the past couple of days; and nope, no flat little choux buns were involved. This might not sound special; but trust me – if you’re unaware of […]

Strawberry fields forever – Perfect party cake à la vanille et aux fraises

perfect-party-cake-side.jpg This is all quite a surprise to me. I originally thought I would have to skip this month’s daring bakers challenge – again – because of my so-not-working internet connection. But what first appeared to be a never-ending story did find an end yesterday, as a France Telecom monsieur dropped by without warning and fixed my ligne télephonique.

I did certainly gave him one of the little perfect party cakes I had made earlier that day; how handy it is to be a daring baker […]

Une jonchée en trois bouchées

[A jonchée in three bites] I had planned to write about Easter. How happy it makes me; and I swear it’s not just the chocolate profusion. In my family, Easter revolves around love and quite evidently, around food. I realise I might sound like a broken record – and I’m pretty sure I actually do […]

Kaa, c’est moi – Artichauts confits au citron et à l’ail

[I’m Kaa – Braised artichokes with lemon and garlic] Trust in me, just in me Shut your eyes and trust in me You can sleep safe and sound Knowing I am around Slip into silent slumber Sail on a silver mist Slowly and surely your senses Will cease to resist Trust in me, just in […]

Un concentré de ‘six-course meal’ – Risotto aux asperges, petits pois et citron

[A six-course meal concentrate – Asparagus, pea and lemon risotto] I like to throw dinner parties from time to time and while some manage to produce the most delicate food to feed their hungry friends, I find it somewhat difficult to create a six-course meal effortlessly. Definitely not the domestic goddess you’d expect to find […]