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Category: french riviera

Encore un tout petit peu, et ce sera un autre jour – Tarte meringuée et gâteau de voyage au citron

[Just a bit longer and it will be another day – Lemon meringue tart and lemon cake] If at times, nature compels us to slow down, I must admit I was slightly surprised when I saw the first lemons on my parents’ tree. Lemons in september feels like eating strawberries around Christmas time for me. […]

L’espace d’un moment – Un rêve éphémère

[Spur of the moment – An ephemeral dream] I am home – or more accurately I have been home for a week or so – forced to stay here. Sometimes, nature compels us to slow down, perhaps for the right reasons. Spending time here – just doing simple things – especially after the impulsive decision […]

Un rêve d’été – Mousse au fromage blanc, compotée de fruits rouges sur biscuit dacquois aux amandes

[A summer dream – Fromage blanc mousse, summer berries jelly on an almond dacquois] I’m – almost, if you don’t count the past two weeks that seemed to be lived on a post-holiday cloud – just back from Corsica. The few days I spent there definitely set my mood for summer with a light sundrenched […]

Yummy head to toe – L’Atelier Jean-Luc Pelé, la visite

Since I started my apprentissage at Nice best pâtisserie (and no, I’m not saying this just because it’s the place I’m spending the best year of my entire life at), I’ve been talking a lot about Pascal and the chef and the cool people I get to work with. Quite coincidentally, one of them seems […]

Pâtisserie Lac, part four – She who let the summer enter the pâtisserie

There are probably a couple of things I should tell you before you go on with the reading of this post. One: don’t hate me. Two: as I’m writing this live from a lounge chair, wearing my very favourite Burberry bikini. Now, I know it’s not spring – let alone summer – yet, and the […]