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Category: garden and campagne

Un monde où tout était vert – Vacances dans les Alpilles et cake sucré et moelleux aux courgettes et au ras-el-hanout

[A world in which everything looks green – Holidays in the Alpilles and courgette loaf cake] As I spent the last two days trying to survive without the internet, I discovered there were other many means to maintain my high-procrastination policy. The 614 tv-channels clearly weren’t enough and I found myself confronted with my laptop, […]

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir, says the bitter orange – Sexiest marmalade

Sometimes seducing a guy is a very easy task: you think, you wink, you double blink – dans la poche [easy peasy]. And other times it just isn’t; no matter how hard a girl tries, nothing happens.Back in 1998, I remember this boy in my class whose hair definitely recalled Son Gohan’s (as a Super […]

Fernand et le potimarron magique – Pumpkin pie et autres délices d’automne

[Fernand and the magic potimarron – Pumpkin pie and other autumn treats]   It happens once a week, sometimes even twice. While I’m drinking my ever-favourite matcha soy latte on the stairs just in front of the main door of my house, I spot a paper bag, hanging on the gate.I remember the first time; […]

Le temps des abricots

[Apricots’ time] Apricots… What to say about apricots? A golden velvety skin. A sweet tender flesh. Really you must love them! I’m lucky to have an apricot tree in the back of my garden and though the tree is really old, it still produces the best apricots one can have. Juicy, sweet and soft… In […]